“ Junior Sailing. Where

  a love and respect for self, sea, sailing and safety come first.”

Resources  for  Junior  Sailing  Programs

   While clubs and institutions internationally and regionally provide many fine junior coaching materials, the purpose of this section of our website, is to offer up and coming junior clubs information and ideas that they can implement immediately.

This will be done by offering links to other clubs to open up communication and sharing, and also through posted materials within this page.

     In the West Indies there are amazing young people who are discovering and developing their sailing and racing abilities. To see that youth and those in leadership have as many resources at their fingertips as possible, and to act as a connector to other persons and organizations who can assist, www.boldlygo.us can be an intermediary and helpmate.

Junior Clubs & Programs

Link with other sailing associations, junior clubs and programs to share ideas, resources, coaching clinics, sponsorship and funding ideas.

The Caribbean Sailing Association is facilitating this with new Youth Resources Page