Bold Shorts is a book series of Caribbean tales from aboard sailing vessel Boldly Go. These diverse tales stretch from Puerto Rico in the north, south to Trinidad and west to Venezuela. They move the reader to life aboard Boldly Go, to balmy beaches, athletic forays in turbulent waters, mountainous islands and fresh salt air without leaving the comfort of home.

To live in the confines of a 40’ sailboat 24/7/365 strains most duos, whoever they may be. True stories of resilience, humor, danger and challenge set within the Caribbean are told through the eyes of Jim and Ellen, an unlikely pair.

Bold ideas, bold statements, bold points of view. We chose the name “Boldly Go” because we are interested in going beyond convention. We embrace exploration that teaches us about other peoples, their cultures and way of life. Thus, ... to boldly go ... to explore brave new worlds ... learn from cultures strange to us is why we named our boat “Boldly Go”-- long before the U.S. Social Security Office decided to start their “Boldly Go” campaign!

As the seller’s boat broker told us in 2009, “To some of the remote islands you’ll visit, your boat sailing into their bay is like a space ship landing.”

Choosing life aboard has physical challenge, a pace sometimes intensely fast or exceptionally slow and offers connection to nature in an unparalleled way. “Bold Shorts” share glimpses of this life.

My work has been published in national and international publications.

Travel is the metaphor. When one aspires to their personal best, they are busting into a new frontier. Our stories are more about a state of mind than just where we went and what we saw. Our Colorado brother in law, Rex, rarely leaves the house anymore, but his ideas are bright, bold and insightful. Every story he tells is fascinating, educational.

When Gene Roddenberry created Star Trek stories, they were as much about the human condition as about any alien being or inter-planetary menagerie. The USS Enterprise crew travelled the galaxies undeterred by alien threats but often daunted to overcome internal mental and emotional conflicts.

Bold Shorts are an eclectic compilation. The first in a series, “Sailing Down Grenada Way” includes three non-fiction tales which take place in the southeastern tip of the Caribbean. It is a place where we hide out from hurricanes July through October.

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